Paint your own planter today! This two part planter comes with the bottom saucer for catching water and the top planter with a hole in the center to drain excess water. This small planter is excellent for starter plants and seeds. 

Once you have glazed your work, your new bubbler must be fired in a kiln. No microwaves and ovens don't count. Our bubbler can be glaze fired from cone 06 to cone 04. If you don't have a kiln, call your local ceramic studio to see if they can fire your piece. Stop by our kiln locator to see if there is already a friendly studio near you. When your planter is finished, plant something and tag @artnsyn so we can share your wondrous works of art.


-Width of planter: 2.8”

-Height of planter: 2”

-Width of saucer: 2.9”

-Height of saucer: 0.75”

-Combined height: 2.5”