Frequently Asked Questions

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Payment + Delivery

We accept the following credit and debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diner’s Club. For payment plans, you can checkout using Sezzle after you have an approved account.   

If you have card processing errors, please double check your billing information to make sure it is correct. Incorrect billing is the primary cause of processing errors. If you continue to have issues, you can either contact or checkout using Sezzle.

All sales are final. We do not accept returns since an item can no longer be considered new once delivered, and we cannot sell it to another customer. If you have questions about an item, please reach out before purchase. In the rare case that an item arrives broken or you are having issues with your materials, please email immediately. We require a photo of the damaged item and shipping box with a visible and legible shipping label.

Shipping costs will be calculated at checkout and are based on the size and weight of the item(s) in your order. We cannot predict potential customs fees, and any fees incurred at customs are the buyer's responsibility. We are willing to ship worldwide upon special request, but it is not available at checkout. All pieces ship from Utah, USA


Yes. Our ceramic pipes are made with non-toxic, lead-free minerals and are free of any other harmful materials. If you are looking to purchase from another manufacturer check with them to ensure they are using safe materials. 

Yes, most ceramics can withstand 2,350 degrees Fahrenheit. Using a lighter or hemp wick is a great way to light up.

They are both great vessels for smoking out of it but it all comes down to personal preference. We like to think ceramics has an earthy and grounding feel and our pipes are all made by hand. Ceramic has a glass-like finish on the inside and outside making it easy to clean very much like glass. Ceramic is not see-through but it can be equally as strong as glass depending on the maker. 

All of our pipes and glazes are made in Salt Lake City, UT.

Place the piece in a plastic bag with isopropyl and salt and shake for 5 minutes or until clean, then rinse the piece inside and out with water.   

Yes we do offer wholesale on our bisque and materials. To be approved for wholesale please email us your EIN, business name, owner name, and shipping address. Are you looking for finished pipes ready to use? Visit our other site

Glow Glaze

The main reason for our glow glaze to not work is because it was not properly mixed using a paintbrush to loosen up the glow that settles at the bottom of your container. We recommend that you pour some of your glow glaze onto a paint pallet after you mix it so you don't have to keep mixing it in the bottle. 

The final reason has to do with firing your glaze to hot or to many times. Be sure you fire it no hotter then cone 06 and don't kiln fire it more then one time or the glow may burnout. 

We test every batch to make sure it glows, if you still have trouble please contact us.

After you have fired your glow glaze, simply allow the piece to have exposure to direct sunlight. You can also expose the glaze to a UV light with a nanometer (nm) rating of 385-400. From there your glow glaze should be glowing in the dark :) 

You can also do this process before it is fired to see how it glows.  

Your glow glaze may need frequent recharges in its early days after firing. The glow seems to maintain a charge over time but until then it may need to be recharged in the sun or under UV light. For best results without you having to recharge it, we recommend that your piece with the glow glaze on it should stay in a room that has some sunlight.

Start with a clean paint brush that will fit into your bottle. 

Put the brush into the bottle and begin to make painting strokes on the bottom of the bottle. You will feel a thin layer that will begin loosening up. That is some of the glow glaze that has settled while on the shelf. Your goal is to mix that until the layer is gone. Be sure you mix the rest of the glaze really well, the glow at the bottom still needs to be mixed into the rest of the glaze. You can always close the lid after mixing the bottom and shake the bottle.

From there we recommend that you pour out the glaze you need onto a paint palette to avoid contaminating your bottle of glaze, and so your only painting with glaze that is already mixed properly.

Have fun!

Our glazes are not made with any toxic materials or lead. We stand by our clear glaze being food and smoke safe. Because we have not had our glazes tested and certified to be food safe, we recommend only using it as a decorative glaze for now. 

If you want a glossy finish to your glow glaze, we recommend applying 1 clear coat. You can use a clear coat of glaze from a company that does have a certified food safe glaze to seal our glaze if necessary. 

We want to keep you and others safe, so for now we think it would be best to use it as a fun decorative glaze where the glaze doesn't need to hold any food or similar consumables.

Please remember that a glaze will often contain silica as it is a glass former. Silica is very harmful to your lungs. If your glaze is dry it can lead to silica dust kicking up into the air, so be sure to wear a mask. And don't forget to read our terms and conditions so you know that you are responsible for keeping yourself safe when working with our ceramic materials.

Creating a glaze that has color and glow makes for a lot of materials to be in one glaze. This causes the glaze to have a texture and even prevent it from being glossy or semi glossy. 

If you don't like the matte finish or textured feel, then be sure to apply one layer of transparent clear glaze on top of the glow glaze layers.

Yes, you can add some water. But be sure to not add to much, as this may prevent the glow from being suspended in the rest of the glaze and ultimately cause the glow to settle even more to the bottom of the bottle.

Yes you can still use our cone 06 glaze on top of a fired pottery piece that used highfire glaze. It can be tricky and may take practice, but you can paint our glow glaze on top of your fired pottery. After you apply the glaze you can use hairspray to try and seal it in so it wont rub off so easy. 

We recommend the translucent glow glaze so you can still see what is underneath the bit of glow while still having a semi gloss finish. 

Of course you can also do this process to any piece that has been lowfire glazed but not fired yet.

We always recommend that you test our glaze before you commit to it just to be safe. Although our glaze is compatible with most other clay bodies and glazes, you still should test it first. Even if you are testing it just to find out if 2 coats of glaze are better then 3 coats. Test, test, and then test again.

Try to keep it simple, just fire your kiln up as you normally would when firing to cone 06. Plug the spy holes once the firing is complete so it cools slowly. Try not to open or cool down the kiln to soon. We wait till the kiln is below 300F before cooling and eventually opening the kiln around 100F. 

Remember, try not fire above cone 06 or the glow might not be as intense. And of course, don't fire the glow glaze more then one time or your asking for the glow to burn away. 

Results will always very in ceramics because of all the factors involved in bringing a finished piece to life. With that being said, we do not photo edit any of the glaze test tiles or glow tiles. Please note that the glow photos are of the glow glaze right after it was charged under a uv light. Remember the glow will need to be recharged for a brighter glow like that in the photos.