Mold Policy

By purchasing plaster molds on our website, you agree to the following terms and conditions. You agree that these molds are strictly intended for you, the buyer, to only slip cast into so you may make a physical clay item to then use personally or sell but not to use to make a mold from the casted object. These molds and forms are originally designed works of art and are protected under federal copyright in the United States of America and now Canada. By purchasing any mold from this website, you agree that you will not copy or replicate any plaster mold using various types of rubber or other methods to make a master mold of the plaster molds you purchase. When checking out to buy molds, you will be prompted to agree not to replicate any molds. By checking the agreement, you, the buyer, acknowledge that this agreement can be used against you to take legal action if found reproducing these molds for any reason. Please understand it is morally incorrect to replicate anyone or any company's plaster molds for any reason. We ask that you use this knowledge as a best practice and share with others that reproducing other's molds is wrong.