Low Fire Clear Dipping Glaze Cone 06-04 (1 gallon)

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Our clear glaze is 100% translucent and has a glossy finish.

Glaze can be applied on top of greenware, bisque, and fired glazes. 

Mix well before using. Dip pottery for several seconds and adjust as needed. If brushing, apply 2-3 coats. 

Great to use as an overglaze to apply on top of other glazes (excluding wax based glazes). 

Fire to cone 06 up to cone 04 and do so slowly for best results. 

Non-toxic, Lead-free, and Food safe.

Does not run.

Comes in a one gallon bucket that is perfect for dipping smaller pieces of pottery in.

Dimensions of bucket: 7.25” Tall by 7.5” Wide 

Please note, all clay and glazes fit together differently and it is recommended to test the glaze with your clay. 

For more information, visit our FAQ page.