Haven't tried our glow glazes yet? This is the perfect place to start. With 8 different glow glazes to choose from, you should try them all. This sample kit includes the following glow glaze colors: clear, white, yellow, orange, red, green, sky blue, and violet. Plus you get a bottle of our plain clear glaze to apply a layer on top of the glow glazes so they have a shiny gloss finish. That's 8 bottles of magical glow glaze + 1 clear glaze. 

Glaze can be applied on top of greenware, bisque, and fired glazes. Mix well using a brush to loosen up any glow at the bottom of the bottle. Stir glaze constantly for even application of glow. Apply 3 coats with a brush. If using as an overglaze to apply on top of a glaze, then apply 1 coat.   

Fire to cone 06. This glaze is meant to be fired once, otherwise, additional firings may lead to burnout of the glow. 

Once fired, the glow will need to be charged. Charge your piece under direct sunlight or UV light (385-400nm) only. May need additional charges over time. Non-toxic, Lead-free, and Food safe.

Please note, our glazes may have minor imperfections. Most of our glow glazes have a textured surface and we recommend applying 1 coat of plain clear glaze on top of the glow glaze. Because we have not had our glazes tested and approved by ACMI we can’t prove that it is food safe yet. It may be in your best interest to consider this as a decorative underglaze. But if you must use it for food, it would be safe with a certified clear glaze applied on top of it. For more information, visit our FAQ page.