Are your ceramic pipes safe to smoke out of?

Yes. Our ceramic pipes are made with non-toxic, lead-free minerals and are free of any other harmful materials. If you are looking to purchase from another manufacturer check with them to ensure they are using safe materials. 

Can ceramic pipes handle high temperatures?

Yes, most ceramics can withstand 2,350 degrees Fahrenheit. Using a lighter or hemp wick is the best way to light up.

How are ceramic pipes different than glass pipes?

They are both great vessels for smoking out of it but it all comes down to personal preference. We like to think ceramics has an earthy and grounding feel and our pipes are all made by hand. Ceramic has a glass-like finish on the inside and outside making it easy to clean very much like glass. Ceramic is not see-through but it can be equally as strong as glass depending on the maker. 

Where are your pipes made?
All of our pipes and glazes are made in Salt Lake City, UT.
How do I clean my ceramic pipe?

Place the piece in a plastic bag with isopropyl and salt and shake for 5 minutes or until clean, then rinse the piece inside and out with water.   

Can I set up a wholesale account?
We do not offer wholesale at this time however, we do plan to change that very soon so stay tuned.

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