Bowl & Downstem Mold

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Have you ever wanted an easy way to make your pottery into a pipe or bubbler? Look no further! Our bowl + downstem mold will help you quickly and easily make consistent bowls every time. 

How to use

- Start by pouring some slip into the closed mold until desired thickness is reached, drain slip, dry until leather hard, and remove the bowl + downstem made of clay. Either use as a full downstem, or cut off the tube of the downstem to use as a bowl only. 

- You can choose to use the bowl part of the plaster mold to press wet clay over.

-Once ready, cut a hole in your pottery piece wide enough for your bowl to fit into but not fall through. Slip and score both the bowl and your piece where they will connect. Insert the bowl or downstem until it connects with your piece. Clean up the weld, and allow enough time for drying.


-Widths of bowl: 3/4" opening tapered down to 1/4"

-Depth of bowl: 7/8"

-Length of downstem tube: 2 1/2"

-Total length of bowl + downstem: 3"

Product + care

- 1 Plaster Bowl + Downstem mold

- 2 rubber bands

As long as you care for your mold correctly, you should get over 200 casts from one mold. Never scrape the inside of your mold, as it will leave permanent scratches and will reflect on the finished piece.

If you need to clean your mold, use a wet sponge to wipe the inside, do not dunk or put it under running water.

*This mold is part of our third-generation of molds. They are 3D printed with the finest quality to minimize print lines visibility on your final product. 

These molds and forms are originally designed works of art and are protected under federal copyright in the United States of America and Canada. By purchasing any mold from this website, you agree that you will not copy or replicate any plaster molds you purchase. Before purchasing, please read the full mold policy here.