Our ashtray mold is here. We wanted to pass this mold along from Ceramic Smokeware because there was not enough time to focus on these ashtrays like they deserve. This mold design was inspired by the Japanese Oborisoma wares. With this mold, you have the ability to carve into the outer wall while maintaining a solid inner wall for functionality. 

This is our most difficult mold to use yet. After you pour and drain the mold, you will want to make sure the clay is dryer then your other molds. We give the mold 12 to 24 hours before opening so the clay is strong enough to be wiggled out of the top part of the mold. Wiggle out by placing both hands on each side of the ashtray to pry loose each side. Once loose, it will lift up and out easily. Cut off the pour spout on the side of the ashtray and patch it up with thick slip that builds up on the sides of your slip container. If you want to pour the mold solid without carving, be sure to add a hole where the air pressure can be release so it won't crack during bisque firing, or just leave the pour spout unfilled. We will try to provide a video soon on how to use this mold. 

Molds are an excellent tool for ceramics, but they are not for everyone. Not sure if a mold is suitable for you? No worries, you can always purchase the bisque version here

Please Note: This mold is ONLY for pouring pottery slip ashtrays. You can not use this mold to pour concrete, resin, epoxy, or anything else. Doing so will ruin the mold and wouldn't be safe to use.

 Product + care

- 1 Plaster Ashtray Mold

- 2 rubber bands

As long as you care for your mold correctly, you should get over 200 casts from one mold. Never scrape the inside of your mold, as it will leave permanent scratches and will reflect on the finished piece.

If you need to clean your mold, use a wet sponge to wipe the inside, do not dunk or put it under running water.


Remember that using molds takes practice and can take some time to find your flow. We always like to think of the first pour as a practice test. The first pour also removes any remaining plaster bits, dust, or other impurities, making the rest of your casts clean. 

Not all slips perform the same. When making pipes, you will want a more runny slip for easier draining. For pipe making harmony you can find your mold's best friend here.

Learn how to use your plaster mold here.


Every mold is hand poured and may have some slight differences. Since each mold started as a handmade prototype, there may be some slight texture in the mold. Use a wet sponge on your finished piece; it will smooth out any imperfections.

-Dimensions: approx 7.5"" L x 6" W x 4.5" H

-Weight: approx 7Lbs. 

These molds and forms are originally designed works of art and are protected under federal copyright in the United States of America and Canada. By purchasing any mold from this website, you agree that you will not copy or replicate any plaster molds you purchase. Before purchasing please read the full mold policy here.